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Yoga Bound is located in the heart of Carlsbad Village, near the ocean in North County San Diego. The alignment focused, healing and therapeutics studio has been in business for nearly five years serving its local community in yoga, meditation, sound healing, reiki and trainings. 




Cacao Ceremony

Wed, Jan17th 8 - 9:30p

Haylee LaCroix with Eye of Raw will be the guide for a two hour cacao ceremony. Come honor the new moon with her as she works with the magic of cacao and the beautiful synergy of herbal medicine. For this ceremony, we’ll be tuning into the energies of the new moon, setting intentions, using breathwork as a way to release what no longer serves, raising our vibration, opening our hearts and preparing for Winter. We will be bringing in the magic of red root, an herb that “...becomes our body’s walking stick, helping it to move again and grow strong once more. From here, we can truly begin to heal.”

Please bring a mug for your elixir.


New Moon Ceremony

Friday, Jan 19th 7 - 9p

The subtlety of new moons are ideal for meditation, and creative contemplation in a sacred gathering of community. It is a time to remember who we are, what is valuable for us at this time and to receive guidance on what is to come. It is a symbolic portal for new beginnings, to set intentions, create and develop, cultivate and manifest our dreams into being. As we align with the greater cycles of nature we can allow ourselves to feel into the rejuvenating ebb and flow of life.

Guided by Chiara Stella Ginardi Maldonado, 500 E-RYT and spiritual alchemist and Kristina K Bengala, 500 E-RYT, healer and mindfulness counselor as the moons evolve.

food as medicine

Food as Medicine

Wednesday, Jan 24th 6:30 - 8:30p

Food as Medicine & Herbal Remedies:
To Support Brain Health

In this class, we’ll be working with food as medicine and herbal remedies for brain health. You’ll learn how to properly support your gut to nourish your brain, get out of brain fog, support your memory, feel more vital energy, decrease anxiety and depression, increase your ability to concentrate and open your heart to live through a space of love. We’ll be focusing on gut health, as disease is said to begin in the gut, since there is a lot linked to our gut and the health of our brain. Our heart is also strongly connected to our brain, so we’ll be going over more details on the importance of supporting heart health, while learning a simple meditation to do daily. We'll be covering brain-specific food and herbs to repair and restore brain health and vitality as well!

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