By Alana Bray IMG_2012

There is nothing like our mother earth to put us back in our place. Today the wind is reckless and the heat is compounding. It is our mother speaking; time to get grounded, cool it down, and move slow. On one side, when the weather makes its presence known, it shows us that there are many things in life we cannot control. We can't control much of what the future brings us, we cannot control others, and we most certainly can't control the weather.

On the other side, we can control how we respond rather than react to all the uncontrollable forces in our life. When Googleing "Yoga and Control" a plethora of topics popped up: "Yoga and Self Control", "Yoga to Control Anxiety", "Control Your Emotions with Yoga", "Yoga to Control Diabetes", "Yoga and Weight Control", "Yoga and Breath Control", etc. What is it with Yoga and our ability to "Control" everything that comes from within us? Yoga gives us the ability to witness everything that is coming from us, and discern how to harness the energy we create from within.

Whereas before each of us found Yoga, we never had a practice that connected us and used our bodies as the medium through which we experience the present. We quickly realize that if we are mindlessly reacting in our Yoga, by not being aware of the breath and the grace with which our body moves, the Yoga class is miserable. We learn that when we control the way we respond to the pose, through harnessing our breath, our class becomes much more giving. We are open and trusting that we can manage what comes next, because we are rooted in our ability to control the way we respond.  Through our Yoga Practice, we are granted many tools with which we can polish intuition of response. Our Yoga practice is a metaphor for our life. There is no doubt that life, people and the weather throws us curve balls from time to time. But we are safe and steady, knowing that whatever happens, we know how to pause and respond with grace and our harnessed intuition from our Yoga practice.