Hands down the best thing I do everyday is start my morning with a green juice. Every time I'm on instagram or facebook someone else has posted a photo of their juice or blended beverage of the day, and I hope this is not the latest fad but a proud, long lasting habit. And why would it be a fleeting fashion trend? The benefits of nutritious juices are numerous and well documented, but it is a habit that I feel should be systematized to stick, and that takes some trial and error to find what pleases your palate enough to have it everyday with slight variations. To make it simple I will share my system with you. It takes no more than 10 minutes of my morning and I have learned to manage time for it. But first I will share why I love love love to blend my veggies in the morning:

  • In one swoop I fill my body with whole, fresh and organic nutrients to set the healthy momentum for the rest of the day
  • I prefer to blend my juices so that I get the soluble fiber to give a boost to my digestive system, as well as being able to add flax seeds and chia seeds. But once in a while I like a juice to give my digestive system a break, and still get the streamlined nutrients to my blood...and then the pulp i put in my dog food!
  • Fresh, raw, whole foods make my skin glow...all day long!
  • Dark leafy greens oxygenate my body. Just like trees, they give off Oxygen and take in the Co2. I breathe easier and I feel clean
  • Replacing my breakfast with a hearty, nutritious, proteinous greens helps me to feel lean and light during the day, and it is enough to last me until lunch.
  • The boost of nutrition gives me lasting, fresh, vibrating energy
  • My body learns to gravitate towards the good, high vibration foods. I don't find myself craving junk the rest of the day
  • This is my healthcare system

I have a dark green juice everyday. Places like Jamba Juice make it seem like all juice is healthy. Not so. A green juice has maybe one, two at the most pieces of fruit...mostly for taste. Too much sugar can make you crash, clog your pores and doesn't have the amazing nutritious benefits that greens do. Ginger is a great thing to add to the beverage so that the taste is easier to get used to. That being said, to make this systematized I have a recipe I generally stick to everyday, with slight variations depending on what I have in my refrigerator. This recipe (see below) is so when I do my weekly shopping, I know what to buy every week so that I have ingredients for a juice for my fiance and I everyday. Every shopping trip I always buy 1 bunch of kale, a bag of sprouts, 1 cucumber, Multiple cans of Co2 coconut water, and bananas. In my head I always make sure at home that I have flax seeds, chia seeds, spirulina powder and maca powder. These are ingredients you will always find in my fridge. Just like people regularly buy eggs, bread and milk, I regularly buy this. Occasionally I'll add chard, an apple, fish oil, ginger, mint, or celery. A regular blender will do the trick, but I highly recommend in investing in a VitaMix. They are expensive, but they last forever, can smoothly blend anything up in a heartbeat, easy to clean, and the new ones you can make ice cream in! Whatever way you choose to juice; blender, vitamix, juicer....it's all good. Just so you get that powerful flush of nutrients everyday and you will kickstart your health, mood and life to a whole new level!

Alana's Green Juice:

2 servings

1 can good quality coconut water splash of organic apple juice 1 banana 3 chopped kale leaves handful of alfalfa sprouts 1/3 cucumber chopped 1 Tbs chia seeds 1 Tbs flax seeds 1 Tbs maca powder 1 Tbs spirulina 1 handful of ice


Blend it all up with love and grattitude that you are putting this in your body!