YogaBoundTravel I am so excited for our upcoming Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica on February 23! Costa Rica holds an extremely special place in my heart. My father moved there when I was 5 years old, and from then until I was 26 I travelled there frequently. The motto in Costa Rica is "Pura Vida" , the pure life. And that it is. The lush, tropical, emerald green rainforrests that in most places run right up to the beach fills the air with life in its most simple and rich form. My fondest memories of Costa Rica include my father and I in his old '85 mitsubishi pick up truck, bandana around his head, no ac, and an ice chest full of water, crackers, gatorade driving down pothole filled mountainous and country roads from San Jose (the city) to the beach. The driving is spectacular with birds, trees, musty jungle smells, country towns, cows, horses, and occasional stops at roadside restaurants for a coca-cola and gallo pinto (traditional dish of rice and beans). One of my most fond memories of driving with my dad was when we were arriving to our destination on a dirt road at night in the jungle. In the middle of the road my dad stopped the car, turned it off and said "listen". Complete quiet and dark all around. It was one of the first moments I recognized pristine, pure peace inside and out. From then on out, I saw this place as a refuge from time, prestige, urbanization and the bustling business stressors. It is too hot to rush, too muggy to wear anything but light clothes, no sense in caring about designer this or will just get ruined. The to do's seem simple, the fruit is fresh, the people are nice, the beaches are pure and the living can be pretty easy and dreamy.

My father ended up passing away in Costa Rica May of 2011. I had to go down there and sort through his things and take care of the legalities of his businesses. At first I thought I would never return, but over time I realized my father and I did most of our bonding in Costa Rica. Because of all the time spent down there with him, I feel closest to him when I am there.

This retreat will be incredibly special. Spiritually this place speaks to me, and it always has. I feel connected to the earth and all its simple abundance. I feel present, alive and my soul feels timeless. I can't wait to teach Yoga, overlooking the beach. My soul is craving the simplicites of eating fresh citrusy fruits, taking naps in hammocks, hiking to waterfalls, doing handstands on the beach, jumping in the warm pacific ocean and meditating at sunset.

Will you join me?

Pura Vida, Alana