Yesterday was the first day of our 2-week Yoga challenge at the studio, and I was pleasantly surprised at how many people signed up! Being that December is a crazy time of year, this challenge was timely in that you are challenged to take time out of your day to show up for yourself. Here are the best things about doing a challenge:

You take time for yourself, and create space in your life. 

Even though it might sound counter-intuitive, taking time out for yourself actually creates more space in your life. When every aspect of your life seems congested, creating space in the body, breath and mind via Yoga is the best way to prioritize what matters and help to clear space in your life. The first word of the Yoga Sutras "Atha"...meaning attention, now. Everyday, you place attention on yourself. That is the hardest part of loving yourself, the "Atha" the conscious attention, be here now with yourself-ness. Coming to Yoga everyday is atha, and the Yoga unfolds as it may everyday. But the actual class itself is not the hardest....showing up for yourself everyday is.  Creating space everyday, is powerful for the spaciousness, free flowing non-congested feeling of your life. Taking time to love  yourself so that the people and life you love so dearly gets the love it deserves.

Getting to know your friend, Peace.

The nectar of your Yoga practice is Shavasana. That calm, peaceful quiet you melt into at the end of the practice. Just like when you hang out with a dear friend all the time and pick up their manerisms, similar to Shavasana. Being able to experience Shavasana everyday, melting into that quiet is like hanging out with a good friend all the time and having that friend become part of you. Before you know it, you are walking, living peace and you get to spread it wherever you go!

Learn to love your body. 

Yoga is the best way to experience and see for real the state of affairs of the body. But the good news is, after the first Yoga class the transformation of the body only evolves from there. Coming to Yoga everyday, you see how amazing your body is! Your body, moves, breathes, evolves, opens, gets stronger and also reveals boundries and limitations when your mind does not always want to see them. Your body humbles you and it makes you proud at the same time. It is an amazing vessel that we get to live and move in everyday. Use your Yoga challenge as a living prayer and act of gratitude for the joy in living, moving and being.


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