Our next Yoga Retreat is only two weeks away! This special trip offers two daily yoga practices led by two very well educated and talented instructors, Kristina Kuzmich and Alana Bray Barrey. One of these practices will be an active practice, discovering the mind body connection on a deeper level through guided pranaymana (breath-work) and alignment-based vinyasa, while the other practices will be mellow, delving into meditation, Yoga Therapy, restoration and even yogic philosophy. All too often we forget that the practice of yoga derives from an eight-limbed system, and yoga poses (asana) is just one of the limbs. This retreat will have you learning and understanding the other limbs through our daily interactions with one another, mindful hikes, allowing space for the Self to be seen, unwind and be heard as well as through our health and wellness.
Kristina and Alana are passionate about "living yoga" everyday. Sometimes when we live our yoga in modern day life it can be challenging and may even feel like we aren't be authentic or true to our nature. Kristina finds joy and feels it is her purpose to help guide others on their mats and in meditation to de-mystify our own self-limiting thought patterns and behaviors. She has been working and guiding people in both fields of fine dining restaurant work and in healing therapies for over 18 years. Kristina is a certifed Masasge Therapist and 500hr E-RYT, as well as a certified SmartFLOW® Yoga Teacher; she holds over 2,000 hours of study in yoga and masasge. She uses the practices of somatic alignment in yoga not as a means to be perfect, but as a way to direct the mind to attention and to find ease and freedom in the body. Kristina says, "this in turn, deepens the mind-body union lending a clearer pathway to the heart - where all our truth derives". Similar to Kristina, Alana has a passion for others and using the practices of Yoga Therapy, a more subtle and gentler way to access the "yoking" (yoga) of the mind and body. Alana is a Certified Yoga Therapist and Holistic Health Nutritionist. She has been in the field for many years coaching individuals and working with large groups in her yoga studio, as well as on the corporate level. Both of these women together are bundled into our amazing retreat - one not to be missed!
In addition to plethora of yoga activities, talk and love, there will be waterfall excursions, surfing and lessons, cooking classes, dancing and enjoyable afternoons taking in the sun, the breeze and one another.
There are two spots left and we would love to share this experience with you. I know Kristina and Alana are really looking forward to sharing their knowledge and light with you!
Contact alana@yogaboundforlife for booking information!