Published April 27, 2013 | By Daniel Scranton

“Pay attention to what it is you are seeking in this life experience. Give yourselves the opportunity to reflect upon what it is that you would like to experience, and also, why it is you would like to experience those things. Everyone has their desires in life, and most of the time they are thinking of ways in which they can obtain what it is they desire.

But what is more interesting is to examine why you want the things that you want. What will that desire bring to you? Is it a feeling state that you are really looking for? Is it some sort of creature comfort that you seek? Is it a connection that you are really out to obtain?

Be aware of the motivating factors so that you can boil these things down to their essence. And then you can more easily give yourselves what it is you seek. It does not have to be so difficult. You do not have to go about getting these things in the ways in which you have decided they must come. And you do not even need these things in order to get to the place you are wishing to go.

It is an inward journey that you are all ultimately looking for. And when you let the outward reality be simply a reflection of that journey, then you will find that life becomes so much easier, so much more enjoyable, and filled with everything that your heart desires. This is what we want for you, and this is what we will always be guiding you towards.”

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