By Studio Manager, Kristina Kuzmich Bengala FEDUP_DVDs

I have a voice and I will use it!!! Will you?

"Last nights dinner conversation with the hubby turned to the talk on food, illness, eating healthy, what is healthy and onset problems that are fast growing in children. This conversation prompted me to play the movie called Fed Up, that I have seen a few times already but my main squeeze had not. Every time I see this movie, I find myself lit up, passionate and nearly speaking out loud to the television. But I already feel this way everyday about how food in America is and how it has been administered and okay'ed by our government as safe and un-harming to ourselves and the future of our species. The fact is, it is harming us now and it will only continue to get worse. If you have yet to watch this inspiring, de-mystifying, and food revolution movie...if you have yet to understand the serious problem we have on our hands...if you have yet to grasp the severity of this situation and for the future of the human species (our children and our children's children), I urge you to take some time out of your amazing long weekend and watch this film. We are the change makers. We are the revolution and it won't stop, it can't stop, until we all start speaking up, buying food differently and thinking about FOOD AS OUR MEDICINE; realizing that we have been eating poison. Processed food is poison. We still have yet to learn from our previous mistakes. Take tobacco. Remember when it was okay'ed by the government. Remember when it was cool? Now, we know (though the high ups already knew before) that it is the leading cause to lung cancer. If that was ok, think about how much food that is processed that we have been eating since when? Childhood? Infancy? Did you know that statistics are currently showing that the next generation will not live as long as our generation? Did you know that Diabetes is growing in number not just in America but all over the world? Did you know that "low fat" really just means, double the sugar? Did you know that sugar has been shown to be more addicting than cocaine? This is REALITY. Nearly 80% of the food on the shelves in grocery stores is processed and loaded with added sugar. We are being poisoned. It is time to wake up. If not to join the revolution of food and speak out, then at least do it for your own health and your children's. Do it for your livelihood and for the longevity of this amazing and miraculous thing we get to have - LIFE!!!!"