Today after my Yoga practice I couldn't help thinking that the Universe is a vortex of love. So then I looked up the word "vortex" and this is the rad definition I got from Wikipedia :

"A vortex (plural: vortices) is a spinning, often turbulent, flow of fluid. Any spiral motion with closed streamlines is vortex flow. The motion of the fluid swirling rapidly around a center is called a vortex. The speed and rate of rotation of the fluid in a free (irrotational) vortex are greatest at the center, and decrease progressively with distance from the center, whereas the speed of a forced (rotational) vortex is zero at the center and increases proportional to the distance from the center. "

So the universe is a rapidly spiraling vortex, towards and away from the center. Whereas energy, light and love going towards the center gets more intense the closer it gets, and as it is reflected from its source of power love and light and energy that increases in intensity as it progresses away. Trippy.