CC-3-1200x800 “Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.” - Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky

We are at the cusp of a new year: 2015, a new chapter, and another perfect time to inspire the new you! At Yoga Bound, our purpose is to serve your highest self. To be a resource for wellness in all the different layers of you; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. While we offer daily classes, workshops, and beLiving Well 12 day clean eating programs, nothing is as meaningful and resetting as a Yoga Retreat. So much more than a retreat, it is an investment into yourself.

For our Yoga Retreat, we have chosen Costa Rica, voted by the travel channel as one of the happiest places with the happiest people on earth. In our week long retreat, we combine all of our multifaceted Yoga and Wellness programs into a week-long experience for you. You will understand how good it feels to be living mindfully, w(holy), and naturally.

Picture the most beautiful long stretch of beach you have ever seen. The lush green jungle rinses and kissing the sand. The sand is smooth and golden, and the deep blue pacific ocean is warm. The waves are hypnotic; perfect for surfing or enjoying the roll of the swell from your beachside villa hammock. You won't have to travel far for anything you need. Beach, hammock, yoga, massage, food, nap, shade, sun; its all available to you within the hospitality of the retreat.

All Yoga is taught by either Kristina Bengala or Alana Bray Barrey. Both highly skilled teachers in the art of mindful movement through Yoga practice. The retreat is small enough so that we can address your individual Yoga goals, questions and evolution of Your practice. Kristina Bengala is also highly versed in meditation, which will be a foundational piece to the retreat. If this is a focus that you are craving, we can attune that to your needs. Alana Bray Barrey is a holistic nutritionist and makes sure that every meal is succinct with the food perameters of the beLiving Well program. The wellness and healing properties of food will be incorporated in the menu of the retreat, and Alana will be there to answer questions and help you on the path to health through food.

Aside from high quality Yoga, meditation and nutrition guidance, the retreat is an investment in You and how you want to start the next chapter of your life. You don't just go away. You come back with a new idea of the way you want to live. You understand what nurtures your soul and learn how to replicate that into every day life. During our retreat, you learn to quiet everything, and you realize that what your soul and the chaos of the planet is craving is your peace. You will come home from Costa Rica with a priority of peace and well being in your heart with all the tools to make this a reality in everyday life.

There are only a few spots left in our retreat:

  • The Jungle Suite which is $3,900 for single occupancy or $2,900 per person for double occupancy
  • The Las Olas Suite which is $3,900 for single occupancy or $2,900 per person for double occupancy

Remember, all Yoga Bound members (12/6 month unlimited autopay) get $250 off the retreat price. All prices include everything but flight (transportation to and from airport, planned adventure excursions, all meals, beverages, accomodations, yoga, meditation, holistic nutrition and cooking classes).

To book there is a $500 deposit required with balance due six weeks prior to departure. Please email to book the retreat of a lifetime!!