Dear Friends,

We are born as a human being on this precious Earth. It is a great fortune to be born like that. The miracle of walking on Gaia, our precious Earth Mother. Some people say it is a miracle to walk on water but I think the real miracle is to walk on Gaia. If we do not know how to enjoy our stroll on this Earth it is such a waste of us having been born a human being. With each step we can arrive in the present moment, we can step on Gaia gently, and that is already a miracle.

When we can walk in this way, we can bring peace and healing to our wondrous Earth right away. We do not have to wait for some distant future or some momentous event to occur in order for us to help our Sacred Earth. We can do it right in this moment. When we walk we pay attention to every step that we make, we are aware that we are walking, we are aware that we are alive. Some people join demonstrations for peace and/or ecological reasons to try to help the Earth.

With the practice of walking mindfully, we do not need to demand peace from anyone, any institution; instead we can demonstrate to ourself that we can be right here and now. This can be liberating. It is our most precious gift to Gaia. Peace and harmony can only begin here. We walk in this way to celebrate life, to celebrate peace. "There is no way to peace, peace is the way" (TNH). When we walk we are no longer in a hurry to arrive. We arrive with each step. We walk naturally, in a relaxed way, keeping in touch with both our breathing and our steps.

When we practice indoors, take one step as we breath in and one step as we breath out. Outdoors, we can walk more quickly, allowing our lungs as much time and air as they need, and simply notice the contact of the bottom of our feet with Gaia. One of the reasons we have been born on this beautiful Earth is to be able to stroll, to enjoy our walking. We need to open our eyes, open our ears, we can be in touch with the wonders of life. It is a great fortune if we are able to take our time and enjoy our stroll on this wondrous Earth.

Raven is a resident of Carlsbad with his wife and two sons and is the director and founder of the Deep Ecology Institute and the Gaia Mystery School. He enjoys practicing the art of mindful living and sharing mindfulness practices with individuals, groups and businesses.
"Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children."

           ~ Sitting Bull, Lakota Sioux, 1877