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TBT: Yoga Bound in Costa Rica

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Everything in the universe has rhythm. Everything dances. -Maya Angelou

We’re throwing it back to last March for the Yoga Bound retreat in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Alana and her Carlsbad crew really brought the fun on their last retreat. Everyone came with an open heart and ready to have some serious fun!! Over the course of seven days in pure paradise, this group bonded over life stories, wellness tips and sunset swims.

Paraiso Adventures

Yoga Therapy is Alana’s specialty. Alana was able to dissect the most basic of postures and transform them into challenging poses. Nina was hosting that retreat and reflected on the Yoga Therapy saying that, “Learning to work from the ground up, more, from the core out, really had profound results on my practice. I was able to gain control of very specific muscles. This really took my alignment to the next level! Nina and Alana both agree that this program offers something for every mind, body and spirit.

Paraiso Adventures

There was some extra spice added to this trip as well, this group wanted to shake it Costa Rica style, so we set out to Mal Pais for an Afro-Caribbean dance class. Complete with a live drummer, this teacher had us hopping, jumping, stomping, twerking, you know…the usual. The instructor led us through this sweaty, primal dance and everyone let down their barriers and danced their hearts out. This trip really revealed the importance of sweating it out, shaking it out and letting everything go so there’s room in life to learn new things and meet new people!

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