New classes to Yoga Bound: Kundalini and Vinyasa 60! September is National Yoga Month; join our challenge. Foundations Yoga Workshops with Kristina and special guest, Nancy Epstein is back on Hypnosis, Yoga and Prental Care. Only 2 spots left for the Idyllwild Yoga + Hiking Retreat!
New Classes Starting September
6 - 7am 
Tuesday + Thursday
Vinyasa 60 with Alana

8 - 9:15am
Kundalini Yoga with Robin
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Two Week Yoga Challenge
Sept 15 - 30
September is National Yoga Month and we are celebrating!
$50 for two weeks of unlimited yoga!
Must practice 10 out of the 15 days to complete the challenge. Those who complete the challenge will receive 20% off anything at Yoga Bound
(not included: auto-pays or intro specials; must be purchased by 11/1)
*Not applicable with any other discounts or coupons. Auto-pay contracts may participate in the challenge with no additional charge.
Upcoming Workshops/Events
Foundations Workshop
Sat, Sept 12th 1 - 4p
This fundamental workshop provides helpful anatomical tools and a safety net to explore the traditional vinyasa yoga practice. Diving into postures of Tadasana (mountain pose), Half-forward fold, Plank, Chaturanga Dandasana, Upward Facing and Downward Facing Dog, prepare to learn and understand proper alignment for your body, breath connection and the benefits. These poses are the blueprint postures to all other poses practiced in yoga. Gaining awareness on one's bodies strength and weakness in these poses will help one evolve safely and freely into inversions, arm balances and even twist and back bending!  Learn more...
Mind, Body + Spirit: Hypnosis Workshop
Sat, Sept 19
1 - 3p
Similar to Yoga, Hypnosis is a focused concentration : a deep form of relaxation that allows the Sub conscious mind and body to work in concert. Through guided meditation, introduction of diaphragmatic breathing technique and Hypnosis. We will learn how hypnosis can be used to relax and open the mind, calm the central nervous system and oxygenate the body to invite a deeper connection to spirit. You will experience what it is like to drop into this state of super consciousness and profound relaxation in minutes. You will have an understanding of Hypnosis as a practice that will enhance every aspect of your life and relationships . Learning hypnosis provides new tools to bring about positive change, new appreciation and gratitude. This workshop will excite learning, provide a good Yoga stretch and invite you to have some fun. Learn more...
Prenatal Yoga + Hypnosis
Sun, Sept 20
1 -3p
Through guided mediation, introduction of special breathing techniques. We will also learn how hypnosis can be used to relax and visualize a healthy and anxiety free birthing. This kind of concentration is consistent with your Yoga practice as you will prepare your bodies to be connected and strong. You and your baby will be in the dance towards a healthy calm birthing. You will be guided through a Pre natal Yoga practice perfect for expecting mamas that will open your hearts and your hips! Joining like-minded Goddess Warriors, you will be able to practice together and share energy with women in all stages of pregnancies, as well as be able to take home a practice that supports the growing life inside you, prepares you and your partner for the welcome of your child in a calm and loving manner. Learn more...
Only 2 Spots Left!
Idyllwild Yoga + Hiking Retreat
October 2 -4, 2015
Nestled between pine trees is the historic quaint town of Idyllwild, CA rich with hiking, art, and music. Enjoy daily yoga, hiking and meditations with Kristina and delicious cuisine prepared by Alana. Take in the autumn leaves while absorbing in the views from the hot tub!  Learn more...
This is a weekend to rejuvenate, invigorate and excite the Soul! 
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