unnamed-1 Every season at Yoga Bound we host our beLiving Well 12-day clean eating program for optimal health and wellness. In this program you are fully guided through the process of eliminating parts of your diet that may not be serving you: Meat, dairy, processed foods, refined sugar, gluten, alcohol, caffeine, and most oil. In addition we guide you through the introspective work with guided mediations and daily emails and journal topics. Overall this is a self-care healing time for you so that you can be the best you and manifest the relationships and experiences you desire.

Here is a preview of our emails we send daily, and some of the things we hope that will inspire you on your healing journey.

"Self-love manifests the relationships and experiences we desire"
-Jennifer Kass
Hello lovely programmers! 
Happy day 5 of the program. While I don't want to tell you how you are feeling or what to expect, I do want to let you know that this part is usually the begginning of feeling in your body, mind and spirit the benefits of eating clean. It is incredible the relationship we have with food. The manner in which we nourish ourself is an important metaphor for the way that we nurture everything in our life. From carefully selecting fresh, organic, high quality food, to the way we put it in our bodies with mindful attention can reveal many things about the care we put into other areas of our life. If we don't put much care into the food we eat, where it is from, how it is prepared and most importantly, what is in it, how is that a microphone for how we treat ourselves and expect others to treat us?
The time that we are taking for these 12 days is a gift to the well being of our life and all our relationships. Food is a huge part of the program because everything we eat makes up the cells of our life. If the food is not clean, our cells, our genetic makeup will not be either. If our cells are not healthy, our systems and our thoughts will not be clear and providing for us as well. Aside from the food, meditation and journalling allow us to reflect, write down and hold space for everything that comes up. By adding in this goodness into our lives, we begin to crowd out the bad, destructive behaviors. We are learning the highest form of self care. The foundation of self care is love. Through this program we are learning how to love over again. Not that the way we loved before was wrong, we are now evolving to a higher and more pristine form of love. Whatever reason we came into this program, the basis of what we are learning is self-care, self-recognition, self-understanding and loving kindness. This way we can can manifest the relationships and experiences we desire.
1. What is the most loving kind thing you will do for yourself today that you are looking forward to?
2. What comes up when thinking about how you should be treated? What is the earliest memory you have about being mistreated? Do you still hold onto it?
3. If today was all about treating yourself the way you would want others to treat you, what would your day look like? What would you do, what would you think, how would you feel about yourself?
We hope that you have an incredible day filled with lots of love and kindness towards yourself and others!
Kristina + Alana