By Alana Bray, Owner of Yoga Bound Phebi in Upward Facing Dog!

Trust the timing of your life. There are no mistakes. These two sentences can diminish all the fear in your life. The universe; this magical, infinite source of love, power, abundance is yours and has always been yours. All it requires is faith, acceptance and gratitude to receive its infinite flow. Although difficult at times, life will present you with the lessons you need in the exact moments you need them. And guess what? If you continue believing with steady consistency in the unlimited supply of continuous support you have from the universe, you will get through each and every lesson and come out stronger and equipped to face your next lesson.

In the book The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer, he talks about an abundant source of energy. This is the same source from which you are provided for. Energy is unlimited: Every thought, every emotion, every word and every movement is energy. We can use this energy, provided by the universe of which we are a part, to feed fear and close us off, or increase love and creativity, which opens our heart. When our heart is open, the more energy and abundance will flow to us. Faith, love, acceptance, patience, gratitude, giving and positivity perpetuate openess. Of course there are those challenging experiences, where we are  presented with a choice to either close or hearts, or keep them open and trust in the timing of our life. As Michael Singer says "Do not let anything that happens in your life be important enough that you're willing to close your heart over it".

Respect each situation as it is presented to you. Rather than attacking it aggresively (which can contract and close our energy), honor each experience as it comes and deal with it. Be patient and let the universe make the first move. If you are open, you will see signs showing the way

. "It is the gentle and consistent wind blowing in the same direction that creates the greatest change".

Stay open, positive and receptive. You are always provided for.