photoearth Happy Earthday! Earthday, originated in Santa Barbara California, is an annual reminder to hold dear our mother earth. But why just once a year? We should be honoring the earth that supports every aspect of our live each day. Here are 5 ways to honor our mother every day.

1. Gratitude. Every day, make it a point to be grateful for even the most simple aspect of nature. The morning sun, the breeze, the trees, the ocean, flowers, wind, rain, green grass, clouds, the moon, the stars, crisp air, fog, birds, is all magnificent! Find something each day in nature to find beauty and gratitude in, and all that life will flourish around you!

2. Spend time in nature each day. Even if it was in the parking lot of your office. Get outside and look for nature: clouds, birds, green, flowers, air, sun and then be grateful that you can see it around you wherever you are. If you are lucky enough to get out and walk each day, use that as a time to use the energy of nature to create space around you.

3. Eat more local organic produce. Shop at the farmers markets and your local natural foods market. These are the places that need our business the most, and it is the most ethical way to shop. These businesses care about nutrition, food and the land that they cultivate their produce on. Locally produced foods minimizes the shipping process which is also a huge carbon footprint of the food industry. Locally produced food is also more seasonal. Eating seasonal foods is not only great for the environment around you, but also good for you as you are nourishing yourself with foods that thrive in the same environment you do. This gives you the right nutrition you need to survive the elements of the climate you live in.

4. Eat less meat. Not saying become a vegetarian, but be conscious of your meat intake. The meat industry is a gigantic tax on the Earth. Not only are beautiful rainforests in Brazil chopped down to create pastures for the edible animals, but all their waste emits a ton of C02, and we breathe that in. Did you know that nearly half of all water used in the US goes to raising animals for food? It takes more than 2,400 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of meat, vs. one pound of wheat takes 25 gallons. Crazy. Eating a lot of meat is not sustainable for your body as well as the earth. Everything in moderation.

5. Be less wasteful with everything. Wasteful thoughts, wasteful energy, wasteful is too short to waste. Think positively, only spend time on things that are productive to your life and soul and buy products that you can reuse rather than throw away. The universe will thank you!