photo-25 Thank you 2013 for all you have given me. With you I have felt alive; I have laughed so hard I cried and cried so hard I laughed. I have felt joy, peace, sadness, fear, trepidation, irritability, stillness, pain, pleasure, anger, peace and many moments of love. I can't recall a moment I felt hate, and I am grateful for that.

Thinking back on who I was this time last year, and I am confident in saying that I have evolved insurmountably. You have taught me not to let every little thing get me, but at the same time to take everything as it comes. I have been incredibly afraid at times. I have watched those times pass, and I am still here, alive and a better version of myself because I didn't shy away from my fears. I know myself better, and look forward to taking this version of myself I have gained with you into 2014.

I have seen love at its finest I have ever seen before. This year I became a wife, and in that experience I felt love shed down on me from friends, family and my amazing husband. I am learning how to give that love back; Learning giving and receiving love in all its grace.

Looking back on all the ups and downs, there was nothing, thank god, that took away my faith, my breath, my love or my life. Thank you for teaching me that as long as I have love in my heart, breath in my body and life in my eyes, all is well.

I love you 2013 for everything I have learned, for who I am and all the tools you have given me to approach 2014 with an open, enthusiastic, loving and gracious heart.