Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Lately, I have been practicing more Living Yoga and Subtle Body work, rather than my regular physical Asana practice. It's a nice change. Slowing down my practice is allowing me to examine the pace of my life. When my life is at a slower pace, I have more access to the quality of my energy and in turn, the quality of all my relationships is enhanced. I am ok with going a day devoid of chatturangas in exchange for taking time to hold a conscious space with my own subtle energy.

To be honest, I noticed my connection to God, prayer and faith becoming diluted by the faster pace of life. While meditation and reminder to pray when things became challenging was still a part of my practice, I know that prayer, mediation and God needed to be my daily medicine no matter what the day may bring.

Recently, I watched AWAKE, the film about the life of Yogananda. The basic message of Yogananda was that the spine and the brain are your altar to God, or universal consciousness. You don't have to be a part of a church or any organization to connect you with God. Your connection is already within you, in the form of your brain and spine, the home of your Living Energy centers. Through connection to your own living energy, otherwise known as chakras and subtle energy systems, you can connect yourself to the Universal Consciousness of everything.

Inspired by this message, I have taken time each day to connect to the energies that are within me. The time I would take running like crazy at the gym has now been replaced by more time and work (because this too is work) connecting to my inner world. Through breathwork, meditation and awareness of the different energy systems within, I have noticed my life feel lighter. My intentions are more clear, my gratitude for the simple abundances of each day is more intuitive, and prayer is becoming a more natural ritual in my life. In turn, I feel more balanced, all my relationships are in a great place, that which I desire is manifesting, I'm more motivated and enthusiastic about life in general. As I write this I'm seeing that this is the point of Yoga. To pause, slow down, connect to how you hold space for yourself and to watch life become less frustrating and more enjoyable.

This Sunday, 11/15 from 12-2p we are hosting a Living Energy workshop thats teaches you how to connect to your own Subtle Body. Join Kristina Kuzmich from for a rich exploration of the subtle body as she opens up the room for lecture and discussion on Living Energy, followed by a practice in energy awakening, Pranayama technique and a guided meditation with Crystal Healing bowls. No Yoga experience is necessary, only an open mind and heart to explore!

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