When you sit still, sit in the stillness of knowing that your body and all its  systems are functioning as they should. Your breath is breathing you, your heart is perfectly beating for you. Be with that perfect life inside you. Symmetry of breath: When you breathe, go for feeling your breath symmetrically expand into all four sides of you; so that all four sides of your waist create length, space and expansion. When you go for this symmetry of breath, the brilliant part is that you become aware of the sides of you that are easy to breathe into (the places you always breathe into) and the sides of you that are difficult to take your breath to (the places that you never send your breath to). By creating this awareness, you send life to places in you that have never been touched by your breath....Imagine: there are places in you that have not been touched by your beautiful, healing, light, conscious, easy, trusting, faithful breath. By sending breath and space there, you can send healing, light and consciousness there. Let's explore how to make each breath as symmetrically expansive as possible in every posture we find ourselves in our Yoga practice.

When you inhale, keep the front of your neck soft. When you exhale soften your face, jaw, chest and keep exhaling until you feel your navel lift in and up.

Use this breath to remind you to stay close to yourself. Interested and watching. When you are close and connected without judgement, you are able to begin to trust yourself.

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