"Comfort Zone" and "Real Comfort" Comfort is subjective. We have lived our life inside our bodies without consciousness of gravity and its relationship to properly aligned joints for freedom of muscles and bones. Because of this, we have gotten used to a habitual muscular holding that produces strain. From this lifelong habit we have formed, we have become accustomed to a wrong position that creates tension, fatigue and poor use of the function of our bodies. This positioning has created nervous system adjustments in order to establish it. Because of our nervous system programing it feels comfortable and becomes our comfort zone. This collapsed, misaligned place in our body is now our go-to position. Any re-adjustment, even if aligned, becomes uncomfortable mostly because new nervous system reflexes that are stronger than the habitual ones must be established to accomplish true comfort that incessantly strives for alignment of joints to free the muscles and bones. Real comfort is utilizing the full chain of muscles that resist gravity and support the weight of the body above ground. Your comfort zone can still be a place of strain. In your Yoga practice you should not go to your comfort zone. Go to your real comfort. The place, of course without pain, where there is consistent effort of alignment, work to keep the joints and bowls stacked and use the muscles to move the bones in a balanced relationship. Real comfort is consciousness, not your go-to comfort zone.