photo-25Breathe space into your middle back, T-Spine. My teacher says "It is the loudest voice in the body". The breath usually does not touch this place in our body, even though it was built to fully expand and give space here. Because we usually breathe into our front side asymetrically to our back side, our T spine becomes rigid without the life force stimulation of Prana. It is from this place, our middle back, our center, that we want to generate our power and range of motion, especially in twists. Twisting, if done properly and conscious of the mid back, is one of the best ways to release tension out of our shoulders, neck and low back. If we don't have mobility in our T spine, places that we need to be stable and broad such as our shoulder girdle and pelvic bowl, compensates for the lack of range of motion in the mid spine and power from the center and eventually will become strained. Sending our breath there is the first step to slowly and delisciously opening up, creating space and making maleable, fluid and powerful our mid spine, healing our neck, shoulders and lower back as well as allowing our core and lower body to be strong and efficient.