In reality, we are a sack of bones balancing on two little pegs; our feet. Therefore, balance and stability of the body can really be affected by the way we use and stand on our feet. Without being conscious of it, we collapse our weight onto one part of the foot, inner or outer, and usually toward the back of the foot. This unconscious collapse onto the insides or outsides of our feet makes an already unstable structure that much more unstable. If we were to put weight onto our feet equally, inner, outer, front and back part of the foot right behind the toes we would be centering our weight on our feet so the other joints that run up the body from the feet, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, could be more likely to center and drop in their sockets as well. To do this, lift up your toes and spread them wide in the air. Feel all four points of each foot (inner and outer part of the metatarsal, and inner and outer part of the heel) pressing into the ground. Notice all the ligaments in the foot popping out, and try to lower the toes down and keep the ligaments sticking out in the feet so you know they are working. This is also a powerful tool to help start  being proactive about any foot pain, such as plantar fasciitis. Starting with the feet, not only feeling their equal weight on the floor but employing and pressing that weight so as to lift-up inside would help stabilize the body and be a strong starting point from which to create new and more supportive habits of movement. See how we use our feet in Yoga postures during our unique to San Diego Yoga Classes at Yoga Bound.

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