unnamedBy Alana Bray, Owner of Yoga Bound When you travel, you are present. You have been looking forward to this since it was planned, and now you are here. There is no where else you would rather be. Yet a lot of times after travel, we need a vacation from your vacation. Although you were present, taking care of yourself, and those you love abroad can be exhausting. On a Yoga retreat you are completely taken care of. All you have to do is book the reservations and we take care of the rest. This is when the magic happens.

Combining two of the most amazing things: Travel + Yoga is life enhancing. Practicing Yoga in a beautifully inspiring setting is like taking an entire week to learn to love yourself over and over again. In our Yoga practice we learn to open ourselves up to receive goodness. In this open, and relaxed body we get to connect to pure beauty; this expansive, vast palpable nature and the raw indulgence of the present moment.

Practicing Yoga activates the body and mind connection by clearing channels that stagnate and block this relationship. Practicing and amplifying this union in this impeccable setting magnifies your receptivity to the healing effects of Yoga. It opens a space in you that willingly absorbs and intimately feels the pulse of aliveness in you. Yet when you leave your retreat, the impact of connecting so wholly (HOLY) with your mind/body/spirit experience, never leaves you, just leaves you yearning for more. The work then is to be able to find this intensity of sweetness and beauty in your everyday life. And we will teach you how.

Join Alana & Kristina in a Costa Rica paradise March 12-18, 2015 for some wellness adventures in the salt, sand & sun! Register with a friend before September 1 and receive $500 off! For more information and registration follow this link: