By Alana Bray War Is Over

I recently jammed out to this song driving home from Yoga Bound. I was singing outloud, windows down, feeling free and listening to John Lennon wishing us all a Happy Xmas with the Harlem Choir chanting "War is Over". Contrary to previous years, I realized, after belting out this song in my car, that this was a Happy Christmas year. In the past I have been known to dismiss the holidays as a time of a lot of unecessary hoopla, pressure, financial stress, and emotional family stickiness. This year is different. Although this song was meant to be a political message promoting global peace, there was a peaceful personal revelation. After hearing the words "War is Over" conjoined with the lyrics of festive seasons greetings, I realized that the lifelong battle I have had with Christmas time is over. Just like that: The War on Christmas is no more.

Bringing my past experiences and judgements of Christmas to this year, is another way of holding onto negative energy that isn't flattering for the evolution of my soul. This is a great time of year. This year I am into enjoying it for all its good, and letting the joy of this season be the memorable foundations for our New Year. Christmas is a mindset just like life is a mindset. If am a waging a war on Christmas, I might as well be waging a war on life and setting negative foundations for the year to come. Of course I do not enjoy the consumerism or the stress. I can choose to minimize that aspect of Christmas and maximize the happiness, just as I would with certain aspects of my life. War is over and I am enthusiastic about spreading love, joy and cheer with those I encounter. Even if it was not reciprocated, all the positivity will resonate peace in my being so I may attract many joyful and cheer worthy moments in 2014.

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