This is an email written to me by a great student after he completed the challenge! So proud of him and everyone who gave it a try:)

Hey alana
Just a quick note about the 2 week challenge:

I've been half heartedly trying to embrace yoga for half a decade, believing it would help me reverse the effects of years of sitting.

Much like the numerous chairs I've bought to improve my posture, I would turn to yoga when the pain became too much, or after reading the latest terrifying article about the dangers of sitting. Time after time, I would revert to hunching over the keyboard in my new chair, and yoga would become a distant memory. Work and life become the priority when the pain subsides.
So with the promise of "kick-starting" a yoga practice, and "watching it evolve" it was with great anticipation that I signed up for the 2-week challenge.
Yoga had previously been a rather lonely experience, introspective, and a personal physical struggle. The 2 week challenge transcended physical goals and personal achievements, uniting the studio under the heading of achieving daily space through attendance. It was an effective way to distract the goal-oriented Western mind and create an environment in which Yoga could shine.
Humbling, enlightening, empowering - I'm hesitant to gush too quickly about a new love - but the past two weeks have shifted my perception and understanding of Yoga. I'm no longer focused solely on correcting my posture and fixing my shoulders because I know that placing my trust in the teachers and teachings of Yoga at Yoga Bound, all I need do is attend.
You've created a wonderful thing at your studio - thank you!

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