This month we chose Daniel Lee to highlight as our student of the month. We have watched him dedicate himself to the practice three to four times a week taking classes and showing up in the community and we are so elated to have him as a part of it! 

What is your occupation?

I am a member of the California Air National Guard, & I primarily do network administration & desktop support for the 163 Operations Group. I am also one of the primary trainers within the Comm shop, so I spend a bit of time developing continuity & ensuring members are either fully qualified or on their way to standing on their own.

How does Yoga help you everyday?

My daily practice has helped immensely with the aches & pains associated with computer work & lengthy commutes. In addition, it has granted me a calm & guided me towards a renewed sense of purpose. I've had random breaks in my practice since I began at the end of 2011, & each time I come back to the mat after an extended break, I feel like a new person.

What classes do you usually attend and why?

I gravitate towards the Align & Flow or Vinyasa classes, as my practice largely focuses on the hatha facet of yoga. The intensity of those classes helps clear the clutter in my mind & return me to a smooth breath; with that, I feel a renewed vigor to sieze the day & enjoy life.

Why have you chosen Yoga Bound as your home studio?

I happened upon Yoga Bound while searching for a studio in the area last year, & the instructors & the community they fostered is what kept me coming back. The variety of classes allows me to tend to what I need depending on how my day or week is going, & the instructors all force me to expand my practice whether it be through meditation, pranayama, or pose & transition variety. My practice has grown a lot & I look forward to continuing the adventure.

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