unnamed-2By Alana Bray, Owner of Yoga Bound

The day before I went on my first Yoga retreat (of which I was a participant) I wrote in my journal: "Alone in a life I do not recognize". My father had just suddenly passed away. I was in Costa Rica where he lived, and where he had passed to take care of his unfinished business. I was there grieving, confused, overwhelmed and heartbroken. Something in me made me drop everything and go on a Yoga retreat. My dear friend Colleen flew down to Costa Rica and joined me where we submerged ourselves in a week long Yoga and cleansing food retreat. I learned in this week how to nurture the space of myself through conscious choices toward personal evolution. This was a foreign subject to me. Yet, in that week, my brokenhearted soul learned first hand the healing powers of clean food, rest, yoga, relaxation and meditation. Miraculously, the day after the retreat was over I wrote "I dive deep in the vast ocean that is my independence, my freedom". Clearly, the emotional, mental and physical experience of this week long Yoga retreat in Costa Rica changed my perspective on my situation. Where before I wrote "someone else chose this for me", pointing blame and turning away from my grief. After, I was expressing the release and vastness I felt as I turned towards everything that was happening. This shift in perspective was a release ultimately leading me to sustained healing and freedom that came from a profound loss. This important pause in the most overwhelming time of my life was the turning point. I made many important decisions from the information I received on this retreat; decisions which lead me towards continuous growth and evolution to this day. My experience was extreme and I decided to go on a whim. I didn't analyze how, who or why...I just did. I was drawn to this, and did it, and it was if someone opened my eyes and gave me the answers. Now I can see that it was my soul speaking. If you are magnetized to anything, make it happen. Follow your curiosity. This is for your soul, your bliss, and your heart. My intention is to provide a safe, healing space for renewal, growth, presence and self evolution. My experience in Costa Rica was a game changer, and yours can be too!