May 20, 2012 by Symbolic Living


It’s officially a New Moon in Gemini on Sunday, May 20, 2012 at 7:46pm EST.

The news is buzzing about the eclipse happening today. This is great. People will begin watching at 5:30 EST  in Asia, then cross to the US around 8:30pm EST. The eclipse will be visible as a ‘ring of fire’ to some while those on the east coast will see more of partial eclipse of the moon passing over a section of the sun.

The New Moon in Gemini, and a solar eclipse in Gemini denotes the “messages from the gods” become more prominent in our minds.

The skies have long been referred to as the heavens. When a celestial event, that can’t easily be ignored, brings our attention back to the magnificence of the planets, such as a Solar Eclipse, we feel the connection.

Mercury rules Gemini, and is the “messenger of the gods”. Gemini will be getting a lot of attention this year with a rare double new moon. This is the first of two new moon’s in Gemini, the second happens next month. Significant omens for doubles. Those into numerology will enjoy the connections.

When an eclipse happens, and the sun is blotted out momentarily, the light of the world is dimmed. Symbolic, it reminds us of death, or near death experiences, and transformation. Like these major life events, an eclipse can remind us of how quickly life changes.

With the short amount of time we really have here on earth, an eclipse can remind us that we will have a number of major events to experience in life, and each moment is important, and fleeting. It directly connects us to time, the earth and the heavens and most of all, the significance of life.

Many people will be seen praying during an eclipse. Sometimes due to fear, and many times due to reverence for the glory of how huge and awe inspiring life really is. An eclipse can remind people of their personal connection to the larger picture. Many will also gather with friends and family to witness the awesomeness of these heavenly bodies floating around us. It’s a magical, inspiring time.

It’s a good time to take note of synchronicities happening in your life. What concepts and ideas are you finding come up repeatedly in one way or another for you? Something will keep revealing itself to you until you get the message.

This New Moon in Gemini also brings Venus to the forefront. Venus is currently retrograde in Gemini and will be for 6 weeks. It’s a good time to get into retro art for inspiration.

Everyone, will in some way be touched by the importance of love and how important the moments of life shared really is.

You will likely notice, around this weekend, leading up to or soon after, the importance of those you love will be brought to the forefront. Either through someone you know, or personally, a significant message reminding you of who you love will come up. This is a deep, bonding kind of love connected to family roots. A family get together, trips down memory lane, a special moment with a dear pet, showing how much you love one another will be important. If someone you know loses a close family member suddenly, the message will hit home, reminding you of how important those you are close to really are.

With Venus connecting with Saturn harmoniously as well, it will be pleasant to find balance in relationships and lovingly resolve your karma. Resolving past issues will feel right now, whether they are long standing issues or more recent miscommunications. Time is short, sharing the love while you can is what’s important.

It’s a good time to apologize for any hurtful, wrong words you may have said. If you were stressed and busy, you may have overlooked another’s feelings and lashed out. Reconciling, and being honest about how sorry you are will be important. Even if the other has already forgotten the incident, you may feel the need to let them know you care and saying a simple, “Sorry” can go a long way to building the bridge.

Mercury also plays his hand in the stock markets. This week we saw the biggest IPO ever for an internet company. With the current astrological climate, it’s no surprise people are rethinking the game of guessing  and gambling on Wall Street. The Eclipse has us ask the questions about what is hidden, which can lead to deeper inquiry and opinions of trust. Facebook, the worlds largest communication platform, symbolically timed leading into a weekend of a New Moon and Eclipse in Gemini.

Gemini is all about communication, but Mercury is also the trickster and associated with thievery on his darker side. It’s not surprising people are second guessing this money making stock market craze and what that really means between everyday folks and the billionaires on Wall Street. Who are the winners and losers? Skepticism of the stock market game play will be talked about a lot online. Is this the web 2.0 bubble ready to burst? Mercury wants to uncover the truth. In any regard, there’s lots of action and transformation happening in the areas of life if Mars and Pluto have anything to say about it. The world of money is going through a major shift collectively.

It’s definitely a good time to ask questions about how we utilize communication tools. You may want to spend a little less time online and little more time in the real world to find your balance. Venus gently demands you bring your mind back down to earth and experience the abundance of pleasure that can be found in the real world.

This is quite an auspicious time to make money with Mercury and Jupiter meeting in Taurus. Maybe we won’t be making $20 Billion dollars overnight like Mark Zuckerberg, but it is a good time to be thinking about how to make more money. Ideas will be quite useful now, so brainstorm and take note. Being creative and considering what work you are willing to will lead to realizations about your self-worth.

Pay attention to your dreams as well because Mercury certainly plays his part in the dream process. Dreams are where messages can come from other realms of consciousness. Have fun decoding them.

Communication happens in much more subtle ways as well. Fragrance sends important messages. With Venus and Mercury surrounding this New Moon, fragrance from flowers, essential oil, herbs, perfumes are perfect to consider. Pick out a favorite scent that sends the message about how you feel. Smelling the flowers to uplift your spirits is a great way to enjoy the moment. Think historic, mythic, sensuous and divine ideas with the fragrances that come into your life now.

Drumming, singing, dancing, are all great ways to communicate in universal, primal ways your love of life during this Eclipse. Let the magic and movements of the cosmos move you.

Did you know the sound of church bells were considered a magical force that enveloped and protected the town sending out spiritual energy, driving away evil with it’s vibration. Now that’s communication and a very mercurial inspired concept. Mercury is also associated with the magician in Tarot.