oranges By Alana Bray

The main focus of a cleanse is to “clean house”. We live in a world of highly over-processed, nutrition deficient and toxic food sources. Without even realizing it, the foods we eat everyday could slowly be compromising our health and shortening our lifespan. Dairy, Wheat, Hydrogenated Fats/Oils, Table Salt, Meat, Sugar, Caffeine, Alcohol, Genetically Modified Foods, and preservatives all have a dominant presence in our food choices if we are not aware of it. If not eaten in moderation, we can compromise many of the systems in our body from running efficiently. Do you have skin issues? Digestive issues like gas, bloating, or intermittent constipation? Bad allergies? How's your energy level? What about your mood? Ever feel like you suffer from brain fog? Do you get obsessive sugar cravings? These are just some potential symptoms of food sensitivities to toxins in our diet.

Cleansing helps the body be more efficient in the “housecleaning” of toxins collected in everyday life. The body sends signals that it might need some detox help: headaches, digestive discomfort, skin problems, inflammation, chronic fatigue, low energy, irritability, and weight issues. Cleansing helps your body’s detoxification system recover and rejuvenate to operate more efficiently. When you eliminate culprits in your food, you give your digestive system, the home to 90% of your immune system, a much needed rest, and purge our body of toxins.

One of the main ideas behind a cleanse is to curb your unhealthy cravings. During a lengthy cleanse, we begin to crave less unhealthy foods and more healthy foods. Our bodies crave what they learn to sustain and live off of. The first days of the cleanse you might experience intense cravings, as the toxins are dying and leaving your system. Day by day it will get easier, your taste buds will become cleansed, and you will start craving more whole foods. Without the heavy flavorings your used to, when you eat a cleaner diet, whole foods become full of flavor in their simplicity.

Hippocrates said the key to a healthy long life is to “Eat Foods, not too much, mostly plants”. With this plant based cleanse we are educating and empowering you to create new eating habits that are sustained from the simple foods the earth provides. We learn how to eat non-plant based foods in moderation, and appreciate the beautiful balance of our diet that we have complete control of. This cleanse is not a diet, but a moment of change for the better, a “mindful evolution” towards clean, whole plant based sustainable food awareness in our life so that our body, mind and spirit can always be clear and healthy.

Our Shine Bright YB Spring Class Begins Monday March 31-April 11 !

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