Wanna learn more about our beLiving Well Program we offer every season? Our retreat company did an awesome write-up about our Program, and much of it will be implemented in our Santa Teresa Costa Rica Retreat this March 12-18! 10418845_807185035966460_4006554884336911709_n

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beLiving Well Basics by Yoga Bound

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Alana and Kristina of Yoga Bound are the ultimate health gurus. Not only do they own and operate (respectively) one of the coolest yoga studios in Carlsbad, CA, they offer popular mind body cleanses for their community. The beLiving Well Program is created by both women and gives followers a chance to hit the reset button on lives to reinvigorate and rejuvenate every aspect of the human being.


Alana and Kristina are currently hosting a cleanse locally, but they sent us the program so that we could participate remotely from NYC! We’re psyched to be included in this awesome program and wanted to share some of the fundamental points with you, our readers.

Alana and Kristina are leading our Boho Beach Chic Costa Rica Retreat March 12-18, 2015 and will be sharing some of their recipes/cooking techniques with our guests on this trip. This is the ultimate mind body learning experience and we cannot wait for our guests to experience this unique opportunity!


Living Daily Health

Just as we practice yoga, our health can be looked at as a practice too! The beliving Well program is designed to help you embark upon your health as a daily practice. Therefore, in addition to changing your daily food intake, you will be asked to cleanse your whole body in a very well-rounded and holistic way by integrating daily meditation, journaling, yoga, connecting to nature and increasing your heart rate though some form of cardiovascular exercise.


A daily meditation is very beneficial to implement into your life. It offers up a time slot throughout your day to check in with yourself and to truly listen. Schedule a time everyday (if you can the same time each day) to participate in 10-20 minutes of meditation.


Yoga has many benefits these include but are not limited to creating space in your day, becoming aware of your mind-body connection, increase your breathing and circulation, promote digestion, remove stagnation, physical strength and flexibility and overall well-being. It is suggested to practice yoga 2-3 times a week as a basic practice and 3-5 times a week for deeper transformation.


Writing down our thoughts gives us the ability to put them out there and see ourselves more clearly. This program is all about getting clear and learning our own attachments and self-limitations, therefore, journaling is highly encouraged. You can even combine this with your daily meditations; perhaps, journaling after your meditation and writing what comes up.


Often, we get so busy with our daily lives, driving, working, scheduling family/friend/work events, running errands, etc that we forget that we are nature itself. We embody nature in every way possible. Thich Nhat Hanh encourages us to reconnect to ourselves by seeing ourselves as nature. A first step in doing that is getting back outside without technology – no cameras, no phones, no computer, just you, your breath and the great mother earth. Add in 10-20 minutes of daily nature time – this can be eating your raw salad outside alone with no technology and/or taking a long hike, or playing in the ocean, or watching the sunset.


In addition to your yoga practice, we encourage you to do something for your cardiovascular health – walking, running, working out, etc. This whole foods program will not deplete the body. You will be surprised with how much energy you will have. It is suggested that you work-out 2-3 times per week in some form of exercise.