Last night I left my phone at my Yoga studio. No biggie that I can't get calls for the night, but my phone is my alarm clock...crucial for a business owner. If it wasn't for my alarm clock, I would have slept many mornings past the time that my business opens and that would be no bueno. Exhasted and fearful, I thought about going back, but I live 30 minutes away and another hour taken from my me time seemed way worse than oversleeping. Living in the now, right? Remembering back to the many times I have woken up at 5:59am when my alarm was set for 6:00, I thought about my internal alarm clock and how this is going to have to work for me tonight. Before I went to bed, I visualized 6:30am, that is the time I will get up. I even included 6:30am in my evening prayers and how grateful I am that I have this device inside to rely on. Incredibly enough my fear of oversleeping dissipated enough for me to peacefully and soundly sleep until 6:23 am this morning. Wow! it worked.

So what does this have to do with faith? This morning when I woke up, the day started to progress and my thoughts became fearful, like many new business owners thoughts are. What ifs started racing through my head, anxiety sets in and I have to bring forth all my Yogic tools of presence and breath so as to peacefully move through the thoughts in my head. Then I thought about my faith I had last night with regards to my internal clock. I trusted so clearly that I new for sure I would wake up this morning at the perfect time. I had no tangible evidence it would work, but I had the utmost concrete faith that my instincts would not fail me, I could soundly sleep through the night.

I came to the conclusion that if I can have peace of mind knowing my capablities of the consciousness of me when it comes to trusting in the internal knowing of the exact time I need to peacefully awaken from my slumber, I can have peace of mind, in other words, Faith, in everything. Faith is the knowing, trusting in something that is not tangibly evident. But faith isn't just necessary when things are unstable and incredibly unknown, but it is the foundation of our Yoga practice. We practice continually because we trust that it will evolve perfectly. We do not come into the studio and sign up for class scared of it....maybe a hint of trepidation of the first class...but a continued practice is not founded on fear...pure faith. May we use our Yoga practice and our internal alarm clock to have our faith as our conviction that moves us forward.


Alana Bray is the owner of Yoga Bound. A beachy-chic vinyasa and Yoga therapy studio in Carlsbad Village, California. Alana is also a Yoga Therapist and Holistic Health counselor. Every day she is inspired by the simple lessons of the universe, the people she is privileged to teach Yoga to and brief moments of clarity that is fortified by her Yoga practice and vibrant nutrition.