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January 2016 Specials! Teacher Spotlight - Farewell to Kristina! New Website Launching Jan 2016! Complimentary Essential Oils 101. Yoga for Athletes Workshop with Wendy! Bronze + Branch Scared Sound Healing Meditation. Foundations Yoga Workshop. EO's as wholesale! Pre-register for Idyllwild Retreat 2016!

Thank you 2015 - Welcome 2016!!  

New Year's Specials!

$10 for one week of yoga*

$255 for 3 Months Unlimited Yoga**

 *available to new students only

**not applicable with other deals and/or contracts


New Year's Day Classes

8a Kundalini Yoga

9:30a Intention Inspired Yoga Class

Look Forward To Our New Website Launching January 1st, 2016!

Upcoming Workshops/Events

Essential Oils 101

Sun, Jan 10th

12:30 - 1:30p

Did you miss the last Essential Oils (EO) gathering? Join us now! Kristina will share a 


 class on essential oils for daily living, health, well-being and longevity. Learn through educational information, as well as through experiencing the oils for yourself as she shares a wealth of knowledge, fun ways to use the oils topically, aromatically and even in your food and beverages!


Interested in learning how you can obtain Essential Oils  at Wholesale Prices? Attend this workshop and learn OR connect with Alana personally at


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Bronze + Branch Sacred Sound Healing

Fri, Jan 22nd

6 - 7p

Enter the world of deep healing and relaxation with the sound therapy of Himalayan singing bowls, gongs and the didgeridoo. The inner space, produced by the sacred tones, quickly moves you out of your mind into a meditative state. These ancient musical instruments easily transport you to a place of peaceful awareness where you can become one with the vibrations.

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Yoga for Athletes

Sun, Jan 24th

1:30 - 3:30p

Yoga can be a powerful tool for athletes. In this workshop, led by Wendy Garafalo , we'll explore how adding yoga to a variety of sports can help create overall balance, increase coordination and help athletes to drop into the 'zone'. This workshop will focus on an understanding of the body and various muscle systems used in several yoga poses. When you have a deeper understanding of your body, you can increase flexibility where you need it and increase strength in areas of weakness. We will conclude with a variety of meditations and visualizations that help improve the mental discipline of an athlete.

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Foundations Yoga: Break It Down!

Sun, Jan 31st

12 -3p

Get back to the basics and fine tune your practice!

The foundational poses of yoga are the blueprint postures to all other poses practiced in yoga.

Gaining awareness in your bodies strength and weaknesses in these poses will help you evolve safely and freely into inversions, arm balances and even twist and backbends!

Exploring postures such as Tadasana (mountain pose), Ardha Uttanasana (half-forward fold), Plank, Chaturanga Dandasana (as pictured in photo), Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (upward Facing dog), Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward facing dog), and the facilitation of linking breath movement, prepare to learn and understand proper alignment for your body and the benefits.

When one has a solid and firm connection to the foundational postures, movement comes with ease, and the mind may settle into a more meditative state of being, setting the groundwork for one's overall yoga practice.

L E A R N - The Foundations of Vinyasa + Sanskrit Translations To See + Feel Energy in the Body Anatomy of the Shoulders + Pelvis for Longevity Alignment that Fits YOUR Body Injury Prevention + Modifications Prescription of Daily Yogic Homework

Upon completion of the workshop, you will be "prescribed" a daily dose of yogic homework to facilitate and aid in the ease and transformation of your yoga practice, daily postural habits and mental well-being.

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Idyllwild Yoga + Hiking Retreat 2016

Sept 28 - Oct 2

Another year calls for this magical respite into the Southern California San Jacinto Mountains.

Join us for a  4 DAY Retreat to the quaint town of Idyllwild. Nestled between pine trees and mountains, based at 5,500ft, this retreat is sure to have you grabbing your warm layers, sipping hot cider by the fireside and enjoying the plethora of natural wildlife watching the setting sun in the outdoor jacuzzi. Prepare to dive into a daily yoga practice, long higher altitude hiking excursions, warm afternoon gatherings to restore with meditative yoga practices, laughter and mellow vibes led by Kristina K Bengala. Participate in education on health and wellness, cooking classes and eating the most delicious homemade Vegetarian recipes daily prepared by Holistic Health Coach, Alana Bray Barrey.

Registration is Open!  Only $250 for non-refundable deposit to hold your spot!  Limited in size to 8 participants.

Reserve Your Spot

Teacher Spotlight - Farewell to Kristina

Kristina K Bengala

This month we chose our Program Director and teacher, Kristina, to spotlight. Kristina has been with YB since June of 2013 and has been a huge part of it's community! Kristina's passion for Yoga Bound has been an integral reason why our community is so special. She and her partner, James, have a wonderful opportunity open up to them and they are moving back to Colorado in February of this year. Her final class is Wed, Feb 10th at 5:30p.

We have all been inspired by Kristina's philosophy on living a mindful life. Though we are heartbroken to see her leave, we are pleased to continue working together from afar and know that she will back several times throughout the year! Kristina has and will remain YB's small business consultant and when she returns will provide specialized weekend immersions and classes to our community.

Before Kristina departs, e njoy the many classes she  teaches and a s pecial workshop, 

Mindful Evolution: The Art of Giving and Receiving

 , with Kristina on Feb 6th! Also, look forward to the second annual Idyllwild Yoga + Hiking Retreat in October of 2016, led by Kristina and Alana!

1. What is your occupation?

From the outside, I may appear as a yoga teacher, but I like to think of myself as a "guide, mentor and healer" in many areas of life. My many years of trainings have led me to realize that I am a natural leader and teacher. I feel as if my purpose is to guide others along the Awakening life path; to realize their amazing potential and to break free from Self limitations in mind and body. I have a gift to See energetically where others may store stagnate energy and it is my joy to offer investigation and exploration in a safe and loving manner to assist in the journey to heal, grow and mindfully evolve! Since "occupation" typically denotes what one does for financial gain...I suppose I can say this is it; though the financial gain has never been as satisfying as the personal gain. Ah, the life of a teacher :)

2. How does Yoga help you everyday?

To me, Yoga is a way of life. It is a path or a principle to follow (and to not follow at times) to learn and to grow. Whether I am on my mat, on my meditation cushion or simply enjoying conversation with others, Yoga is practice that begins in my thoughts; in my mind and then translates outward. It helps me to be present; to See more clearly my "blindspots" and to keep Awakening to this beautiful Life we get to live!

3. What fulfills you most about teaching Yoga?

You know I never planned to teach Yoga. I started teaching athletes in high school and then went onto study many hours in massage therapy, meditation and study at the graduate level spiritual counseling psychology. As time unfolded, I ended up in a yoga teacher training in LA with probably one of the most influentially profound teachers of our time in the field of Yoga, Annie Carpenter, and it just fit! What fulfills me most? I would say the connection. I enjoy seeing bodies' move and the progress of the students immensely, but I really find light in the energy shift that occurs in a classroom setting. It is powerful as the teacher to witness and I always learn something when I teach about myself as a person and as a guide/teacher. To be totally honest, I think teaching Yoga is only one way for me to share my gifts to others and I foresee some big changes ahead as to how I will guide and inspire others in the move to Colorado. It is all very exciting and a bit scary! But as a great quote says, "if it scares and excites you, then you are probably doing it just right!" :)

4. Tell us about your journey with Yoga Bound?

Oh my! Where to even start? Well I guess first with Alana. My beloved friend, soul sister and partner in this whole journey. Goodness, I remember when I first moved here in June of 2013, and was so distraught on finding a a like-minded yoga community. I actually was sitting in the car after taking a class in town at another studio and started to cry thinking "where will I teach and practice in San Diego?" and then I received a social media message from Alana asking me to attend her class and introduce myself. It was like the Universe was directing me to Yoga Bound. I listened. Since then, it has been such a wonderful and profound journey. The growth of YB; it's move to a new space; the many new souls I have met along the way and the personal journey of growing has been so fulfilling! When James and I were deciding to move back to Colorado, I shed many tears thinking of saying goodbye to the most amazingly open and profoundly loving community of Yoga Bound. I will miss everyone deeply, but also know I will be involved from afar and will continue to journey back several times a year! 

5. What is the biggest lesson you have learned this year?

Well, this year was pretty transformative for me. I would say the biggest lesson I have learned is how to love more deeply - myself and others. I have learned that Grief has a powerful way of teaching us that, if we are open to receiving its gifts. This past year has been so rewarding. I have a deeper sense of connection with those in my life because I love the moments more than ever before. I feel honored to wake each day. I have my Yoga practice that has taught me to be mindful and Awake to Seeing and the lessons of life to realize that Love is our biggest healer; which I truly believe in my heart. I have such fond memories in my mind of conversations with students and teachers at YB, friendships created, laughter in classes, and mingling's between that I know will forever warm my heart wherever my path may take me. I am beyond grateful! Thank you Yoga Bound for sharing your light with me; I feel so blessed to have you in my life!

We love you Kristina! Your light is such an amazing contribution to our community and this planet.

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Kristina is booking monthly, biweekly and weekly online appointments in yoga, meditation, breath work, personal life guidance and goal setting as well as small biz consulting.


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Staying Sane During the Holidays

tumblr_m1xpyj93jD1rt5p4ko1_400 While marketed as "The Best Time of the Year", the holiday season can be a challenging juggle for many. Whether we like to admit it or not, there is a lot of pressure during this time: Connecting with your loved ones, dividing time between families, finding the perfect holiday gifts, cooking, wrapping, decorating, entertaining, coordinating and traveling. And, oh yeah, there is also everyday life that needs to stay maintained: bills to pay, dogs to walk, kids to drive around, laundry to be done, and a house that needs to be cleaned. At this point, who would have any time to consider self care?

During this time, self care is the LAST thing on the priority list. We push it off to a New Years responsibility. It is the easier way, but not always the healthiest. If the holidays are meant to be enjoyed, why are we doing all this work to not even be able to enjoy them ourselves? Without taking time out for ourselves, we end up feeling depleted, flustered, annoyed, and unhealthy physically, mentally and emotionally. When we practice self care, even during this crazy time, we enhance the sense of peace and joy that this holiday season is supposed to be about. I know it takes time to pause and take care of you. But is time worthwhile. When you take care of you, the quality of everything you do to make this holiday season memorable will be enhanced. Here I will share my top 5 ways to practice self care to stay sane this holiday season.

1. Meditation Even 5-10 minutes once per day will create so much space in your life. It is like pressing the pause button, especially when you don't feel like being in the holiday spirit. Meditation helps you realize what is important, how to appreciate the simplicities and how to be grateful for all the goodness in our life. The holidays can also be a breeding ground for family tension. Meditation teaches us how to respond as opposed to react in trying situations. If you are interested in Meditation, we offer a weekly Pranayama + Meditation class from 4-5p every Wednesday with Kristina.

2. Yoga Yoga is an incredible self care practice. While practicing, we have the opportunity to connect to our physical, breath, emotional, mental, and spiritual being. One 75 minute class can do wonders for all the layers of our being. When we move and breathe for a prolonged period of time, we can detoxify all the stress and angst that has built up from all the to dos. We create a space that quiets our inner landscape, and allows us to feel calm and ready to take on the day with a more peaceful and present mind. The time you take to practice Yoga during the holidays will ripple into every experience you have during this time. We offer daily Yoga classes with amazing instructors at Yoga Bound. Do your holiday season a favor and check us out!

3. Spend Time in Nature Many of us have dogs that we have to walk, which gives us an excuse to get outside. But even if we do not have pets, it is important to take a break and get outside. Whether it is a beach walk, a hike in the hills, or a walk around the block; get outside, leave your phone at home and enjoy the clarity of fresh air and the elements that the weather brings in that day. Especially when you are feeling overwhelmed, take a break and get outside. The physical release from walking combined with breathing fresh air will shift your perspective on everything. You will come back energized, ready and more clear to dive into the to dos.

4. Green Juice a Day It's no surprise that the holidays are filled with questionable dietary choices. Almost everything is revolved around overindulgent food temptations. Instead stressing about it, give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the food and the time spent with everyone around the food. A great way to feel better about overindulging is adding in a nutrient dense green juice everyday. The live nutrients in the juice will help you digest the more unhealthy choices made, as well as give you the peace of mind of ingesting something healthy that day. Starting the day with a healthy food choice, usually helps you make healthier choices as the day progresses. Make sure on your next run to the market you get the ingredients in this simple recipe, so you can make a your juices in bulk and grab and go for a few days following.

5. Gratitude Practice "Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow." Melody Beattie Make it a habit Every morning before you get out of bed, and every night before you go to sleep to say thank you. Notice how easily all the goodness in your life comes flooding in. You will be amazed at how starting and ending the day contemplating your blessings will change everything. 



The Gift of Yoga: Holiday Gift Guides

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The question of the season is what to get your loved ones for the holidays. It can be quite a conundrum, as most people we know have everything they need AND want. The point of giving is to show our love; to have an object that symbolizes the gratitude we have for the special people in our life. What better way to show someone you care about them, than the gift of self care itself! Gifts that say 'I love you so much, I want you to take care of you'.

Here are some great gift ideas to show your genuine love. All of these items are available for purchase at Yoga Bound:

Gift Certificate to Yoga Bound Yoga is great for the Holidays! It is great timing for New Years resolutions and gives them a reason to take time for themselves in the next year. And nothing better than giving them classes at the best Yoga studio in San Diego!

Manduka Yoga Mat A good Yoga mat makes the world of a difference in your practice. Manduka mats are crafted using simple, enduring, natural, and whenever possible, renewable materials and a fine attention to detail. We offer them in a variety of colors and styles.

Mexican Yoga Blanket We use the mexican Yoga Blankets as Yoga props for softening support. They are so versatile in everyday life as well. While they are great as your own personal prop in tow, they can also be used for interior decor, picnic and beach blankets, warmth and furniture coverings.

MELT Method Foam Rollers and Balls Paired with your Yoga Bound Gift certificate, this can be a great gift for anyone you know in life who is achey, stiff or recovering from a recent injury. Have them come to the studio and take MELT class, and learn how they can use their foam roller and balls at home on a regular basis.

Yoga Bound Shirts Support your local studio with a high quality shirt that your loved ones can wear on a daily basis. Treat your out of town guests to a class and gift them with a shirt from their experience in Carlsbad California! doTerra Essential Oils High quality essential oils are earth remedies for a variety of health sustaining purposes. When you gift an essential oil, it is showing that you pay attention to the health concerns they have mentioned. You might know that your mom suffers from migraines, so you get her essential oils to help with that. It is a loving, attentive way to promote the natural longevity of your loved ones health. At Yoga Bound we sell various single essential oils, or you can connect with Alana, a wellness advocate for doTerra, and she can sign you up with a wholesale account. Please email her at alana@yogaboundforlife for more information.