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Yoga Teaching Mentorship Program: The only one like it in San Diego

Kristina in Parsvakonasana - SIde Angle Pose!Our Yoga Teaching Mentorship Program starts in less than one week! Did you know that there are at least twelve 200Hr Yoga Teacher Trainings happening in North County between now and September 2015? This is a lot! This means that more people are becoming exposed to Yoga which is great, yet, teaching Yoga is a big responsibility. As you take on this huge responsibility, a 200hr training is not enough. It gives you a wonderful and necessary foundation, but a 200hr training is a tease. It's like buying a rich, creamy moist piece of chocolate cake and only eating the crust. There is so much more yet to come! Last night I heard someone say "It's teacher training season", referring to the plethora of opportunities to pay someone thousands of dollars to get certified to teach Yoga, yet only learn the basics. It seems like there are more teacher trainings popping up each year in San Diego, while there are close to NONE that are mentorships. I'm also not talking about a 300 hr "advanced" Teacher Training. I am talking about a Mentorship Program. A program that is within an intimate group of people with the same intention, a sangha; where you can be guided with love, and be thrown into the thick, emotional, sticky, rewarding and raw aspect of being a Yoga Teacher. Not only will you get a more in depth look at anatomy, sequencing intelligently, therapeutics, subtle body awareness, and smart adjustments; but you will get honest and real feedback so that you can learn to find your own voice and your niche as a teacher.

Leading Yoga Teaching Mentorship program, Yoga Bound's studio manager Kristina Kuzmich says,

"The point of a mentorship is to teach you as a teacher how to look at students and see them where they are energetically stuck, physically congested and be able to guide them to listen and find their own teacher inside, realizing that they are the ones who can shift themselves. We don't know all the answers, but the anatomy, alignment, and energy piece are so valuable because we can look at a student and see where they are expanded and contracted and help them feel empowered. This is the goal of all of us as a teacher."

We are not going to be part of the "let's make more Yoga teachers" movement just yet. We want to invest in people who have already invested in their Yoga teaching evolution. Through our mentorship, they are able to taste the best part of the cake: Finding your voice as a successful, passionate and thorough yoga teacher.

Spring Mentorship Program

April 1-May 20

Weekly Meetings
Wednesdays 1:30 – 5p
Investment = $750
$150 non-refundable deposit (holds your spot)
$600 by April 1 (can be divided into 2 payments)
If you have any questions, please inquire with Kristina at
Space is limited.
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