500 ryt, smartFLOW® yoga teacher, licensed occupational therapist

Nina initially came to her yoga mat as a form of exercise to serve as a transition from years of vigorous dance training.  Soon after finding herself embraced with the physical practice, she became aware of a subtle shift that began to occur through the guide of her breath, enhancing a deeper sense of self-awareness and connection each time she stepped on her mat.  The yoga practice has become a lifestyle, deepening and integrating its roots into all aspects of Nina's life.  Yoga has become her greatest form of expression igniting the space that has enabled her to slow down, quiet the mind, cultivate joy, and celebrate the beauty of the present moment. 

Nina is also a licensed Occupational Therapist possessing a strong background in anatomy and movement.  She works with people of all ages from babies to the elderly impacted by a variety of physical disabilities.  Nina's teachings focus on smart sequencing, emphasizing alignment and precision in order to build a sustainable, integrated, and mindful practice. Her intention is to provide compassionate space for her students to connect breath and movement enabling a sense of exploration, self-awareness and reflection on and off the mat.

Originally from Boston, Nina transplanted to the west coast in 2013.  She completed her initial 200 hour certification at South Boston Yoga under the guidance of David Vendetti, as well as a six month teaching mentorship under the direction of Ame Wren.  Since moving to California, she began studying at depth with Annie Carpenter as a student in her 500 Hour Advanced Smart Flow training and is currently continuing to pursue her Smart Flow Certification.  Always a student first, you can find Nina expanding her learning both on and off the mat whether through self study or attending workshops, retreats, and trainings.  I am forever grateful for the inspiration and support of all my teachers, mentors, and students in Boston, California and beyond.  


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