Individual instruction

Available in Yoga, Meditation, Gait Analysists, Yoga Therapy, Pranayama and Crystal Sound Healing

Individual, or often referred to as Private, instruction is a comprehensive way to evolve your yoga practice. From pain management to taking your practice to a more advanced level, private sessions are an individualized approach to meeting you where you are to relieve discomfort, enliven strength and create elasticity where there is tension.

At Yoga Bound, several of our teachers offer individual sessions. You will be observed on how you move and/or walk, discerning what is tight or weak and using this information carefully to shift you into fluid, easy, pain free movement with individualized stretching, strengthening exercises, breath work, yoga postures, meditation and pranayama. Each session will be custom made to your needs unveiling unconscious movement patterns to help you live inside your body with more awareness, intelligence, stability and ease.

To learn more about private sessions, please email Kristina at