Chiara Ginardi-Maldonado

500 ryt, crystal bowl practitioner, yoga for kids

Born in Italy and raised in France, she was infused in the philisophical teachings, reading authors such as Krishnamurti in school and working as a sommelier in Paris..She moved to Florida in 1995 where she opened up an art gallery and magical theater pushing people to beleive in their full creative power. Then Chicago and LA where studying film, designing restaurants and painting became a passion...

A Gypsy at heart she continued her way West and found herself in Maui, HI in 2000. There she found a french woman named Nathalie who had been taught in the classical Hatha ways and philisophical teachings that felt so familiar to her. Under her mentorship she developed a love for Yoga awakening the deep intelligence within her own body and spine. She taught at the Salon Des Arts for the next 10 years. Learning posture correction through alignment, deep tissue strenghtening and nervous system balancing.

In Hawaii, she also met her husband and father of 4 children. Her love for harmony, balance, nature and everything Sacred led her to learn the Art of Feng Shui. In 2011 she relocated to Carlsbad CA... Now she is continuing her yoga education, also studying Ayurveda, Metaphysics and Sacred Sounds.

She loves helping people connect to their own inner knowing, remembering their Soul's journey, connecting their spirits through a peaceful, purposeful, love filled yoga practice.

In her spare time you will find her practicing yoga, meditating, chanting with her children, creating magic with the little ones, reading, studying and learning new ways to help her oldest with his gifts of Autism.


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