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Yoga Bound, in the "village by the Sea", rest in the quaint Carlsbad Village of North County San Diego. The studio was established in 2012 in a renovated house and became a well-known community haven for locals and tourist in search of alignment focused, healing, and therapeutic practices in yoga and meditation. Largely due to it's rapid growth, in the summer of 2015, the studio moved from the little home on Harding Street to the bustling and evolving State Street just north of Carlsbad Village Drive.

Offering an array of weekly classes from asana to breath work, Reiki, sound healing and meditation, one may explore the practices in many styles and ancient teachings. Desiring to always grow, Yoga Bound (YB) also provides advanced workshops and trainings in yoga, meditation, Reiki, Yinki®, teacher trainings and more. In late 2017, Yoga Bound expanding and now utilizes the Temple Space next door as a healing center for private and small group events, as well as where our local resident healing massage therapist and mindfulness counselor shares weekly offerings.  

We look forward to meeting you and sharing in the awakening practices!



Mindfulness for Life

Friday, July 20th

6:30 - 8:15p

Join Kristina of Akuna Integrative Healing for an explorative subtle body and tangible journey on "Mindfulness for Life".

Integrating the intuitive healing work she does with individual clients into this group setting, you will learn how to expand your understanding from the intellectual mind to the knowing Being, sensing and feeling beyond what we see with the naked eye and curating tangible tools to take with you to bring into your modern daily life.

This month take a journey in an experiential guided breath work meditation through the energy centers {koshas + chakras}! Then dive in and integrate what you’ve learned through journaling and obtaining practices to take home to create a more intimate relationship with your inner knowing place!

$20 / $25 day of

Plant Medicine

Plant Medicine

Saturday, August 4th

2 - 4p

Join Centehua Sage, a movement alchemist and creator of Lunar Rhythm- Dance Rituals, a farmer, herbalist, postpartum doula and mother, for an introductory and educational course on Plant Medicine.

She shares, "I have a passion to share the magic of living life connected and in collaboration with nature's cycles. My gift is dance and my passion is to feed people earth's nourishing foods and medicines. I am in devotion and in service to Gaia - our earth Mother, and committed to doing my part to activate a positive shift in our world."

$30 / $35 day of


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New Moon in Leo 8/8: 

The Lionsgate



Wednesday, August 8th

7:30 - 9:30p

This gathering welcomes both brothers and sisters on the Lionsgate, which happens to be around the New Moon this year. During this time, the Earth aligns with the galactic center, the spiritual heart of our universe as well as our spiritual sun, Sirius. Both the Mayans and Egyptians considered this time to be a planetary New year where a window of influx of light is down rayed. This powerful cosmic event offers a shift and acceleration of high frequency energy, tuning into our own energy bodies to a new frequency and consciousness.

Join Chiara Stella as she takes you deep into the mysteries of this gateway through ritual, Breathwork, movement and guided meditation.

Please also bring a yoga mat, journal and a curious heart.



Lunar Rhythm

Saturday, August 11th

7 - 9p

Join Centehua and Alexandra as we gather in honor of the new moon and the gifts the darkness has to offer. Dance rituals are one of the most ancient and primitive forms of ritual magic, going beyond embodied prayers, dance is alchemical. We are invited to dance with our instinct as the energy heightens our sensitivities. We open the portals of deep introspection and willingness to dance with our shadow as we cleanse the toxic patterns that no longer serve our highest purpose. Our ritual is dedicated to the shedding of old skins and our ability to regenerate and sow new seeds.

Bring a water bottle and wear comfortable clothing. No mat needed.